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  1. I wonder if the moderator allows me to post the link to my blog. My blog: Inside the Mind of Tourette Syndrome - is a tool to educate people about how Tourette's actually work and my experiences of it. The link to my blog is: http://mindinsidetourette.blogspot.com/ Thank you.
  2. I tried neurofeedback and I don't find it helpful at all. I am not convinced that listening to beep beep beep sounds will automatically make the brain subconsciously repair itself. Basically it's like you have to make the brain reach it's goal. For example, your brain has to get the puzzle moving fast then the brain will subsconsciously repair itself. Overall I am not convinced that will help with Tourettes. For me I am seeing a naturopathic doctor instead and I am doing chelation therapy and it seemed to help me a lot, as my body has full of heavy metals.
  3. There are researches and reports out there that removing heavy metals and mercury help people with Autism. So I also suspect that it should also help people with Tourette's, since heavy metals and mercury has a very negative impact on the neurological system. It's been 2 months into the chelation, and I felt better I think.
  4. Also I tried to do some exercise like jogging, and although the neuropsychartist says in the long term the tics goes down, I don't quite see that happening at all, even though I jog at least 2 times a week.
  5. Hi, Yes the naturopathic doctor said that it's not a cure, but is a way to dramatically reduce the tics. I can give an example of a just right feeling - like for instance, when I am in a restaurant, I have to yell the right pitch and get the right echolization, and people in the restaurant thought is a chair squeaking or a bird in the restaurant. I do agree some of this Tourettes has some OCD related, because OCD is also all about negative thoughts and getting the right feeling. Also I am taking multivitamins that includes Vitamins B's complex in them.
  6. Hi, I am not sure what is PANDAs...I don;t think I have a strep bacteria in the body. As for food intolerance, I think I can eat a variety of food very well with no allergic reactions to them. Ivan
  7. I have Tourette Syndrome, particularily the vocal tics where I have to yell the right feeling and pitch in an indoor environment. I also have Coprolalia where I may say inappropriate words to the right feeling in order to grab someone's attention. I am currently trying chelation therapy using DMSA pills. I was seeing a naturopathic doctor for this. It has been about 2 months into it. The Naturopathic doctor says that about 1.5 years later, the tics should dramatically decrease. I have done the urine test and it shows very elevated levels of aluminium, lead and especially mercury. He says that elevated Mercury and Lead usually causes neurological problems. My personal blog of Tourettes is: http://mindinsidetourette.blogspot.com/
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