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  1. Oh another thing I was wondering about was sensory problems. My specialist did say she had sensory integration difficulties but Im not too sure what that means? When she had injections she never cried or was bothered but then a label tickleing her on her clothes will send her loopy. Also she will sometimes watch telly very very loudly and then other times you can barely hear? love lolly
  2. Hello My name is Lorraine and I have a 6 year old daughter diagnosed with tourrettes, ocd and mild adhd. Every day I am amazed at my daughter. She is the most wonderful little girl and I almost feel that I am betraying her by doing some of the things I have done to get help. For example, she is very bright and I hate talking to the doctors about her when she is sitting right there with me as I can see she is embarrassed sometimes. Does anyone else feel like this? It all started when she was about 2 or 3 I guess. I would take her to preschool and my friend who works there told me she kept grimacing. I never saw her do it for a long time. My daughter also had nightmares, didnt sleep well and has a really bad temper. As she has got older she never grew out of it and now she is faced with many tics including eye blinking and rolling, arm jerking, a skipping thing, touching things constantly, shoulder shrugging, noises sometimes, head jerks. Although this sounds like alot the odd thing is most people do not notice it. To me it is obvious but I think because she is so young people put it down to constant fidgeting (Im glad to say) but I think in a year or two it will be obvious as other children do calm and I realise she probably wont. She has rituals and compulsions which I find the hardest to deal with. Every night she goes to bed and I shake her blankets a certain way a number of times and read videos till she decides she wants the same one she had the night before. Then she gets out of bed, comes downstairs and makes up some excuse and it starts over. This happens continuosly all evening and drives me mad. She is very difficult to get dressed as she has to have clothes and partiularly shoes and socks a certain way and when she might be ready she will cry that they are not right and become irrate and change then change back etc. But the hardest part is that every day almost she has these major rage outbursts and throws things at me or anywhere, destroys anything in her path, swears and screams and cries with temper. It can go on for well over an hour sometimes. Afterwards she sobbs that she didnt mean it and how sorry she is and says she has a terrible headache. At school she is very advanced and they dont see anything at all. This has caused me problems with people believing me as her school report is superb. I ended up resorting to videoing one of her rage episodes this week and went to her specialist today with my father as support and finally I feel like Im getting somewhere. She has been referred to the tourrettes specialist at Great Ormond street in London so I do think she will get good support. My question to you all is has anyone got a child like an angel at school, then comes out and goes beserk for no apparent reason? Any advice will be really appreciated as most people really dont understand what it is like and it is so difficult to explain as alot of people just think of it as bad behaviour. Thanks - lorraine
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