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  1. However , I just found elisaact.com will stop service from Oct 14,2006 . FYI


    It depends on your insurance company. Ours paid for it.


    We like www.elisaact.com 's IgG blood test for food sensitivities (as opposed to food ALLERGIES which are IgE tests). Others have used Immunolabs.


    But if you don't have a doctor willing to order it...you can look at www.directlabs.com as they have an IgG food sensitivity test there, and no doctor's signature is required.


    Food sensitivities can trigger tics, but they don't always.



  2. Nice to see some improvement after taking Bonnie's supplement .

    I'm taking 20 caps per day , and it's working all rite . but still have tic .


    I was wondering if the more we take , the better the effect is , as long as it won't exceed maximum dose .


    Or is it possible that I decrease the dose and the effect could be better .


    Honestly , I couldn't find the best dose for me .


    Any idea ?



  3. To me , I've eye blinking/twitching tic . I found that when I close the eyes , I don't have twitching tic at all .

    Only when I open eyes and lot of fast moving/fancy views in front of me , the tic is worse . so it may be the trigger .


    And maybe the muscle controlling eyes is hardest to control all over the body , therefore eye blinking is most common .


    And I blink the eye once at one side . Never blink both .

    or it's not blinking at all . it's light twitching coz it's more noticable than the normal gental blinking .


    Intersting that sometimes one side of eye blinking becomes dominant while the other gets dominant some times . :-)

  4. Order tests by myself or through local DAN doctor ?


    Since some of the test needs blood draw and needs to be done thru doctor .

    I'm going to find a local DAN doctor to do testing .


    But I asked them , most of the tests have to be tested in US . I'm in Canada .


    My question is that if it will be cheaper if I do testing together with blood draw once ? And would that be cheaper I do test directly at US's lab ?


    And the initial consultation cost me $200 . Is it worthy ?





  5. Carolyn ,


    You said "I have had vitamin levels checked" . Where did you get the vitamin levels checked ?

    Give me a URL pls .


    And how do you determine your own fomula at the beginning ?


    Thanks in advance .




    Lisa ,


    How did you find the DAN doctor in your local area or just remotely ?


    And what shoud I say to DAN doctor in order to ask them to give me supplement list ?





  6. Chemar ,


    I emailed them many times . I faxed them and called them as well .

    For email and fax , there is no response . For call , I left voice mail . :-(


    In their website , I saw there was a survey saying half of the people don't buy bonnie's

    all-in-one products . They just made themselves from Health food store .


    I was wondering if I can do it myself ?


    I figure out that the most effective item may the Mag/Cal . and VB complex . So maybe I can buy some Mag/Cal and VB complex in Vitamin store if , in case , I can not get bonnie's supp for some reasons .


    Any help will be appreciated .



  7. Finally , I got the Pyroluria Testing done .

    Kryptopyrrole corrected : 17.16 (Calculated)

    Kryptopyrrole corrected : 27.25 HIGH (actual)

    Specific gravity 1.027


    What does that mean ?


    What sort of test should I do next ?


    I'm in Canada . I just wonder , if other test could be done for FREE if I ask my family doctor to do so ...

    anybody has similar experience ?





  8. Thanks . I ordered the kit already . I was selecting the wrong option and I called them and ordered successfully .


    But I am taking Bonnie's , should I stop the supplement for a while for the test ? cuz , they need my urine , would that be accurate when I 'm taking some supplement ?







    I'm not for sure I understand what you mean so maybe someone from Canada or who knows more on this might be able to help you better. These are certain labs that your lab kit gets sent to. I'm not sure if any labs exist for this testing in Canada. You don't ever have to go to the lab. The pyroluria testing is done right in your home after receiving the test kit. That's the same with any stool or urine test also. For blood you would have to take the kit into a patient service center at a lab or a doctor's office to have it drawn. From there they would send it off to the lab you wanted it to go to. Have you tried calling the the labs? I wouldn't see why they wouldn't take you. It may cost more for shipping, but I'm not for sure. I know on the kit order form you can choose your location in Canada.



  9. It seems that http://www.pyroluriatesting.com/ is not available to Canada .





    Here are a couple of sites where can order pyroluria testing. I got these from Braintalk where Carolyn and FJ posted.


    http://www.pyroluriatesting.com/ Carolyn


    Bio Center Lab in Wichita, Kansas (Phone: 316-684-7784 or 1-800-494-7785). Here is their web site for more information: http://brightspot.org/biocenter. FJ at Braintalk recommends. Refers to it as Gold Standard for Pyroluria testing. She said you do not need a Dr.s signature to order, in one of her posts.


    Here is a place you can order a hair mineral/metals test from, no Dr. signature should be required to do this one either and they are using Doctors Data for this test which is supposed to be the one Pfeiffer uses and has the largest data base for hair testing.




    You could also ask your reg. Dr. to do a copper/zinc test for you. I beleive you will get info on zinc from the pyroluria testing though.


    As Giselle said, probably best to have a Dr. guiding you, but thought I would mention these, as their not that expensive and it is something you could get started on your own if you wanted to.



  10. Thank you for everybody's advise . I think I may want to stay with it .


    Another question , I'm not sure how I can find if the volumn I take everyday

    has the best effect . I'm having 20 pills per day . 10 in the morning and 10 before sleeping . If I feel the effect is not very good , should I take less per day or more ? sometims , it's very hard to find out how many will have the best effect .

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