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  1. Thank you both! I know our insurance will pay for only a few therapy sessions and nothing prolonged, but maybe that is better than nothing. I'll look into it. She has not had any vaccinations since her kinder year. We did delay her vaccinations because when she was a baby she had two small seizures in the week following her first vaccination. The neurologist and her pedi recommended we delay vaccinations. I started catching her up at 4 and a half years old in preparation for school... Ironically she was not sick a day in her life until the week after her second vaxx when she got the flu
  2. Thank you! I appreciate your response. I'm just having a lot of trouble finding a pedi who's on board with doing more testing for PANDAS... they all seem to want to hand us off to therapists for treatment. I mentioned Lyme but they don't want to test because she's never had a bullseye rash. And all the the pedis who are known to treat for PANDAS in our area are not taking new patients. Also, yes they have been sending the rapid strep tests on for further culturing, but they've been negative. Her last positive test was in November last year. She has been complaining about pain in her peri
  3. Hi all. I highly suspect that my 9 year daughter is suffering from PANDAS/PANS. A brief history - my daughter has had chronic strep infection every winter/spring since 1st grade. February 2019 she got a strep infection, was treated with antibiotics, but had a lingering cough for months after that, enough for me to have her allergy tested in July thinking she has seasonal or environmetal allergies (test said she has nothing of note). In July things went downhill overnight...her symptoms were sudden separation anxiety, health anxiety (fear of dehydration, cancer, heart attack), fear of elderl
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