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  1. My 7 year old son has been taking 5-HTP for almost a year. I never felt he had any stomach upset with it. He had complained of a stomach ache a month before starting it so we ended up giving him probiotics once a day. He still takes the probiotics and his stomach complaints have stopped. I think they have helped his digestive system overall. Rhet
  2. [/Does this pain get worse at night?] Thank you all for your suggestions and replies. My son's pain seems to be the worse in the morning when he first wakes up. He walks like his leg is stiff and sore. It gets better as the day goes on. We have been trying the epsom baths and a magnesium cream. He didn't complain as much the past two mornings and the ticcing in his legs seems less in frequency. We are aslo paying more attention to possible environmental triggers and diet. Thanks again for your input. This a great forum! Rhet
  3. Hi, I'm new to the board and still researching TS as I think our 7 year old son with impulsive ADHD may have it. He started ticcing more noticably this spring and looking back, we can think of other tics that came and went. Time will tell. My question is that he has been complaining about pain in his thigh muscle. Is pain common with TS? Is there any remedy or treatment to help alleviate the pain? His legs jerk occassionally along with him sniffing his fingers and hands. Thank you and I am glad I found this board for guidance and support. Rhet
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