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  1. Ill see what I can find on that, im desperate to do something. Ive got to do something to feel human again.
  2. I’ve looked into ozone but couldn’t find anything around. This really doesn’t feel like Lyme to me, I had Lyme 6 years before this happened and it was a different version of . The pain from this has been different and the psychological symptoms have been different. Im not familiar with the Cunningham panel ?
  3. No I’m not changing doctors. Before I began with this doctor I did years of doxycycline, IV rocephin, a couple other abx, and never gained any progress. The first year I was at the current clinic I went from being bed bound to being almost normal, until I got sick in March. In the years before this clinic I had never gained any progress and the antibiotics gave me gut problems. I started back on IV’s monthly back in December, no antibiotics though just nutrients and detox.
  4. Hi all! I have been trying to find some information regarding my declining health. I have had lyme disease for seven years, I am being treated completely holistically. I had been making great progress with treating lyme, up until March 2017 I had made it almost into remission. I have been going to a lyme specialist since January 2016. My worst symptoms are insomnia, joint pain, brain fog, memory loss, tremors, muscle pain, muscle fatigue, dizziness, and nausea. When I was at the treatment center in March last year I became severely ill. I was there from Sunday to Saturday, Monday I s
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