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  1. I can't believe what I'm reading. I thought it was just me that counts. I count everything and sides of eveything then I have to divide them by five. I count sides of bricks in a wall ( four sides and a middle for every brick so it can divide by five), I count white lines on the road, in fact I count sides of everything I see and I can't help it. If I have my eyes closed I sing a tune and count the notes or see a picture in my head and count sides of things in the picture.I just can't stop!I was reading some of the old posts and read the one about counting sides of digital numbers - I do the same and again count the sides and the middle of each part of the number. I can count one thing in my head at the same time as something externally so I have two lots of counting going on at the same time. it's exhasting only I don't really want to be able to stop doing it as that feels too scary.
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