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  1. jan251 Many thanks for your input. I thought so myself unfortunately. We went through a long and difficult process for IVIg approval and indeed we hoped for a miracle. We did have one for almost 4 months. Now we are back on the beginning of the story. Here where we live doctors are still learning about Pandas so we consider ourselves lucky to have someone who is close to being Pandas specialist then not having one at all. Indeed 4 days protocol is used for example in GB syndrome healing and our doctor was emphasizing all the time that 4 days infusion is easier for side effects (not that we di
  2. Hello everyone, it's been a while since I posted but I was following regularly. This topic is very interesting so I would appreciate if someone who attended the conference could reply. I’m asking because my son finally got IVIG this August and his PANDAS doctor spreaded it through 4 days instead of 2.. We could not fight this decision because the doctor is the one who is running the things and it was this or no IVIg at all so we finally agreed. 4 mnts after the IVIG my son’s symptoms are back with the first bacterial infection just like he never received IVIG and we had a huge expect
  3. Hello, I’ve registered on this forum as I am desperate mum and trying to find help for my 7 year old son. Unfortunately I do not live in USA. I’m writing from Europe (Croatia) and although we are having good health system, doctors here do not have much knowledge about PANS/PANDAS sy which I think my son has. Generally my son is healthy child, born from a regular pregnancy, Apgar 10/10, breastfed for 3 years. 4 years ago (when he started with pre-kindergarten) he began to suffer from frequent throat inflammation, in the nose and throat swab Hemophilus influenzae or Staphylococcus aureu
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