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  1. My 6 year old son with no past medical history has experienced a pretty rapid onset of tics. It started about a month ago with sniffing and then blinking (which I just monitored), and within the last two days, he has added throat clearing and spit slurping - and he is suddenly doing all of these almost constantly. We went from minor to major interference in daily life, including school. He also has an incredibly red and swollen nasal passage that we can't quite figure out. We saw an allergist, but the tests turned up nothing significant. Does anyone have any experience with such a rapid onset or with this nose issue? I can't help but think his nose has something to do with all these tics. We are in St. Louis if anyone has any good docs in the area. Thank you so much for your help. This is heartbreaking.
  2. We recently moved to the St. Louis area, and my 6 year old son (with no past medical history whatsoever) has suddenly developed several tics and personality changes. I'm struggling to find a doctor who believes that PANDAS exists, much less someone who has treated a patient with it. Does anyone have any suggestions? THANK YOU!!
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