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  1. Thanks, Beerae22. Your story mirrors mine almost exactly -- OCD, anxiety, the skin picking(!), the irrational irritability, the severe anxiety -- today she hid herself in a towel when walking into swimming lessons, then refused to go into the pool because "other people might be looking". She has always LOVED swimming! She has always loved the pool. Then tonight she cried because dropped her ice cream sandwich on the table then cried because "now it has germs". This is the first I've heard of the germ phobia and my stomach dropped, because I know it's another symptom. Later she told me sh
  2. Hi there. A PANS clinic doctor they use the following website as the main and updated source of PANDAS/PANS information: pansppn.org. Here is what it says (below) about the location of strep infections. Good luck to you; keep researching for answers. Location of Strep Infection – strep infections typically occur in the oropharynx, tonsils and anus and each area should be examined and swabbed for culture. Although “strep throat” infections are the most common trigger, PANDAS has been reported to occur in association with perianal strep infections. Additional sites may be involved;
  3. Hi We have our first appointment with PANS experts on Thursday. In the meantime, we are taking life moment by moment and doing a lot of deep breathing. I am wondering exactly how doctors and researchers can tell the difference between "normal onset" OCD/Tourette's/ADHD/Anxiety kids and PANS/PANDAS kids. The only difference I have found seems to be related to the speed and severity of symptom onset, but according to the pansppn.org site, even the symptom severity seems to be subjective, ranging from acute to mild/functional (see Treatment Options>General Overview). If PAN
  4. Thank you both very much for your responses. I will not give up hope. I will continue to push! I am in contact with the Stanford PANS clinic, as well. The other bit of evidence I have is that our daughter reacted extremely poorly to SSRI treatment, which, I'm told, is rare unless the child has either PANS/PANDAS or a mood disorder. I'm concerned about being perceived as "pushy" or at worst - crazy! I wish doctors would partner with parents on this exploration as if this were their child.
  5. Hello Our 9 yr old was diagnosed with ADHD in January, and then Tourette's, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and OCD in March. The ADHD was not a big surprise, but the others were a complete shock. We have no family history of these conditions (other than "mild" anxiety); they all came out of nowhere. In addition to the behavioral changes that come with GAD and OCD and the tics, she also became uncharacteristically moody, which everyone chalked up to hormones but it still didn't seem right to me. Other than a couple of days, she was able to hold it together to attend school, but usually at n
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