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  1. Thanks so much for the reply. I don't know if I have a GOOD probiotic but I have acidophilus supplement. I have not been giving it to her. I just started a few days ago after reading about it on here. Could you suggest a better product that I could maybe buy in Singapore. I do have GNC stores here. Sometimes they don't have all the products. Is there something I can do to get rid of the yeast and then start giving the probiotics? I can get fluconazole here. Thanks, Kathy
  2. My daughter was diagnosed with PANDAS a year and half ago. She has had the seperation anxiety, decreased handwriting and TS . I did not think she had OCD with it but realized she has along had mild OCD as well. This latest onset of symptoms has her saying "yeah" about a hundreds times a day but I have to say "yeah" after she says it or she goes to pieces. She has also been checking things. Her phone and electronic game. She has to sleep with them and goes to pieces if she can't find that. I realize that is pretty common with OCD but the Repeating back what she says has our family really stre
  3. Our daughter's first symptoms of PANDAS/tics was the fact that she would start acting weird as soon as we went into a supermarket. She would start flapping her arms and having verbal tics (before I knew they were tics) 18 months later after diagnosis and antibiotics she still has tics if we walk into a mall or grocery store. We live in Indonesia now. She is around flourescent lights all day but for some reason the second we walk into the mall she'll start to tic. Sometimes it will be a new tic and it will stick around for a couple of weeks. Thankfully we live in the middle of no where and we
  4. Did the Dr. say what age children usually grow out of this? Thanks!
  5. Do you mind me asking what the does of amoxicillan is? Just wanting to compare with what my daughter gets. Thanks
  6. I guess I should mention when I say she is better I mean doing better. Not tic free. Just better than before. Also, I have been giving her calcium/magnesium/zinc supplement but when she had the ultrasound to confirm the appendicitis they found a kidney stone. Does anyone know if I should still give her the calcium or if it could have caused the kidney stone? thanks!
  7. I am new here. My daughter 10 was diagnosed with PANDAS this last year while we were in the US. We are from the US but live in a third world country. I have learned so much from this forum. Thanks to everyone!!!! Anyway, her symptoms (tics and verbal tics, emotional liability) were really bad for a few months. The only thing that helped was the zithromax 1 every 5 days. Then she had an appendicitis just 2 weeks ago. Almost immediatly after surgery she was better. I just have her on amox. now and she is doing great. I wonder if the appendix problem was there for a while being masked wit
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