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  1. ADHD Considerations: 1. Television is associated with increased anxiety, aggression, suicide, obesity and decreased learning and success in school, as well as decreased attention span. Television has a tranquilizing affect that makes people drowsy, numb and passive. http://www.parenting-healthy-children.com/...hild-abuse.html http://www.parenting-healthy-children.com/...-addiction.html http://www.neuropsychiatryreviews.com/may0...xcessiveTV.html 2. Are the 217 chemicals found in unborn babys' blood that are toxic to the brain and nervous system be responsible for ADHD and
  2. Given that children with child learning disabilities are already delayed by a year in one or more academic subjects, parents must see that they are tested "sooner" than possible. In this way treatment can be instituted forthwith and their problems ameliorated. The percentage of Florida students diagnosed with child learning disabilities has increased from .50% in 1971, to 2.40% in 1977, to 3.38% in 1980, to 4.04% in 1986, to 5.16% in 1996 and will be over 6% in 1998-an increase of over 1000% since 1971. Continuing increases of learning disabilities cannot be attributed to bett
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