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  1. Hello, I am a new member and my daughter was diagnosed 2 years ago with Pandas confirmed by elevated strep titers. Before diagnosis she previously had a severe case of impetigo head to toe and then sudden overnight changes of SEVERE anxiety, OCD, fear of choking and wouldn't eat, incontinence, social and academic changes and separation anxiety by my side 24/7. She had 50 per cent improvement after 2 months of antibiotics and was given zoloft 50 mg. She recently got her first period (12 years old now) and along with school starting again, her symptoms were so severe she was acting psychotic with screaming, panic, anger, fear of hurting herself, hitting, cursing (never does) running out of the house and worse, picking up a knife and staring at it. Her doctor admitted her to a pscyh hospital which made it worse because of separation anxiety. After they ruled out bipolar and mood disorder I took her out (they didnt know much about Pandas except what I told them. ) She is home now and the only think that keeps her somewhat able to function is the rx they gave for Klonopin 1mg 3x a day and zoloft was increased to 100 mg but all this doesnt even help much except that she is not screaming. I called a Dr T who is in NJ and he had her do blood work and when it comes in I will go to NJ for the appt. She has not even home tutored yet because of anxiety. ONLY thing that calms her and that she will go in the car for is to visit horse farms because they have a very calming effect on her. Lastly, the severity of the panic gets so bad that she actually seems to almost pass out with her eyes going back and falling flat on her back. We are awaiting b/w results. Also, all she wants ( even as a baby) is to only eat sweets and white flour carbs which I keep out of the house. I would appreciate any help and suggestions. Could I get any help through my Bc/bs for theraputic horse therapy which truly helps and why does such strong medication as Klonopin not work unless I double what they tell me to give her just to get her to function! Thank u all.
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