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  1. Hello, My 5 yr old b/g twins have struggled with strep since last summer. It caused my son to be in the PICU with a collapsed lung and strep pneumonia. Since then his twin sister has had it a few times. They both have had positive throat cultures taken in February. His behavior is fine, while her's has changed. My dd behavior has gotten out of control over the past several months and I came across PANDAS when researching strep and problems in school. She can’t remember things, she is irritable, unreasonable and angry. Large pupils- is that a symptoms too? My dd is having a T & A on Monday. She is on a 26 days regimen of Azithromycin. Do I need to ask for a biopsy of her tonsils (large and cystic)? What do I need to be doing to help her get better? Does she need to be on anything else? Should I have her tested for allergies too? I am waiting for a referral to a PANDAS dr at Stanford (we live in CA) Any advice is welcome, this is all overwhelming…
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