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  1. Grrrr..........wouldn't be the holidays without sick kids! DD (9) who is being treated for PANDAS and is currently on Zithromax was up vomiting last night. Now today she has a fever. The flu is rampant here right now and this is how it has started with many people who have swabed positive. Should I bother taking her somewhere to be tested? If she does have it, can she even have the Tamiflu?? Gotta love weekends too when you can't call the doc to ask these questions!!!
  2. Ugh, just what I didn't need to hear from our regular ped. She cautioned me on my daughter being on Zithromax (Rx'd by a PANDAS doc) for an extended period of time because it stays in the system, thus raising the possibility of toxicity. Anyone heard of this or had it happen??
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