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  1. Any PANDAS doctor in Europe????? Or any European country where Ivig can be used as treatment for Pandas/pans/pitand???
  2. Hi ko's mum my son had never been diadnosed for lyme mycoplasma or other infections.Hehas hadseveral strep infections and since 4years old he has been diagnosed with dermatophagoid allergy for which he takes the vaccine regularely. I started augmentin today.....hope he will improve his vocal tic. The doctor in Milan is neurologist(Ithink its mis spelled) best regards stivmommy
  3. Croatian mum I need your help.i am from a small counry in Europe ,Albania,next to Greece and Macedonia.He was never diagnosed with pandas because there is no specialized doctor in my country.I sent hum in Italy a year ago Milan,dr M.P diagnosed my son with pandas.and prescribed him iperico . My son is 9 years old and from 1 1/2 years he is having vocal and motor tics anxietiy,joit aches and ADD.we have read a lot and we think the only solution is Ivig.that's the reason i need your help croatian mum....did you do ivig in cratian or you went in America?if I bring my son in Croatia is there an possibility that I could find ivig and a specialised center to inject it? Your answer would be of great help.....
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