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This is a phrase I have stated over and over in my life concerning my recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. I also have been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. And now I tell that to my 32 year old daughter, as she suffers from the same. The generational disease has affected our family as I progress through my life as the 'adult child of an alocholic, abusive father' and the 'alcoholic/addict in recovery with co-occuring mental health issues' and the 'parent of an alcoholic/addict with co-occuring mental health issues'. The statement means more to me now than ever before as I begin my quest to help my 11 year old grandson who was diagnosed with Tourettes about 5 years ago.


My husband and I now have custody of our grandson as my daughter is working out her addiction and mental health issues. As I spend time with Austin, I am amazed and disheartened to see the extent of the effects of this condition. Especially now that school has started. He is in the 6th grade and I have been working diligently with the school to obtain the best educational program for him. I have stepped in full throttle and have not let up trying to observe, discover, and manage the teaching methods being utilized to help Austin; and his response to the situations. I went very prepared one week before school started with my arsenal of information about Tourettes and how it affects Austin's learning. They were responsive to my concerns and receptive to my goals, however I believe I will need to continually 'push' the line so Austin does not get shuffled through school. I believe that may have been the case in earlier grades.


I found this website last night and have been so encouraged already. I ordered the book Natural Treatments for Tics and Tourettes by Sheila Rogers and posted my first questions on the forum page. I am grateful to have found this informational resource and look forward to learning as much as I can and working with Austin in our journey to manage his disease.


Your research, your responses, your willingness to participate.....is all to our benefit. Thank you.

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