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    blee got a reaction from ekesol in GABA Chewable Supplement   
    My son was diagonsed with Tourettes in July 2011.
    He had extremely loud vocal tics, which were very challenging. I would be up every night in tears reading forums, blogs and in search of answers.
    We have been seeing an integrative doctor for 9 months to try to reduce/minimize tics through diet modification and supplements.
    For the first time in a very long time, my son's vocal tics have declined by 80% and the tics are not very noticeable. The decrease came 1-2 days after he started taking a GABA chewable supplement. In addition to GABA, my 8 yr old son is also taking magnesium, fish oil, iron and vitamin D. He is also on a Gluten Free diet, artificial, color and MSG free diet.
    It's been 2.5 weeks and things seem to be the same. It's the best feeling I have had over 1.5 years and I'm praying that the supplements continue to be effective long term. I wanted to share because this blog has done so much for me on a mental level.
    I will do my best to provide updates on this supplement.
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