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  1. Intergrative doctor recommended MSM for pain in the neck/hands/feet due to possible tic disorder. Anyone have knowledge as to how safe this is for a ten year old child? Thank you.
  2. My son had only two fillings and two sealants done while under deep sedation. Propofol, zofran, tylenol suppository, and fentanyl. They used a mask over his mouth and put an iv in and when he was out, they put a tube in his throat. The dentist did work on the specific teeth and she also x-rayed his teeth, and used fluride to clean his teeth. The neurologist has diagnosed him with dystonic tic...because the pain occurs in his hands, then in his feet, and then in his neck. The neck pain has continued for over a month now and hasn't improved. And yes, it is pain and not so much of a tic...however, the Dr.s call it a tic? I didn't realize tics are considered pain also. So if I have pain that moves to different parts of my body...the doctors consider that tics? Crazy. I'm still not sure any of the doctors know and I understand that they are limited in their knowledge..so I guess I haven't stopped my research into helping my son. I don't know if the drugs did it to his system..or if the tube? I just know that people don't go to dental surgery and come out with painful dystonic tics...and if they do...then something went wrong in the surgery. The only things we've done to address the pain is: all organic foods, increased DHA every day supplementation. The intergrative doctor recommended MSM for the pain, and then Milky oat seed for any muscle spasms. I bought both, but still reluctant to use either. I don't want to cause any more symptoms...however, it's very likely we will try the MSM this week, and introduce it slowly. I am going to get his blood tested for strep and go from there. the neurologist would like to do a MRI and use sedation so that my son won't move during the MRI...but because of this whole situation...sedation and MRI I cannot take lightly..so that may be the very last thing to look into. Thank you for all your support.
  3. My 10year old son had dental surgery 8months ago. My son has never had tics of any kind. But the day I brought him home from a dental surgery to fill only two teeth...the very day he came home..he came home with tics. It took 7 months to get in to see a neurologist. Throughout that time..we visited with many different doctors..chiropractors, naturalpaths..dentist, and noone had ever heard of a kid getting tics from a dental surgery. I have looked everywhere to find out if there's anyone out there with the same thing...and here you are. Can you believe the doctors refuse to believe that dental surgery will cause tics!!! So hey..what is working for you? My son has been on an organic diet ever since his symptoms started, we are very conscious about toxins in the home environment and outside..the neurologist's only idea is to give my son drugs..which I won't. I need to find something that is most natural. currently only trying to up magnesium..we are doing about 100mg every other day...? My son's tics started with hand spasms/stiffness, then went on to the feet, and now his neck. Can you help?
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