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  1. We started a gluten free, dairy free, soy free, egg free, sugar free, no artificial flavours /colours diet on February 20 of this year. At this point my dd had been ticcing for 3 to 4 weeks. We had a couple of her worst days AFTER her diet changes. It was disheartening to say the least But we persevered and her tics are now 99% gone. We’ve since reintroduced eggs and I’ll be trying soy next. She will always be gluten free however. I should also add nightmares and stomach pains and joint pains are also gone. Don’t give up!
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  2. Chemar

    Tinted lenses

    There is also a lot of good info on this on the Irlen website https://irlen.com/who-we-help/
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  3. Hi I have been asked to post our treatment protocol a number of times here and by emails so I have finally put it together in what I hope is a simple summary for anyone who needs more info on it. Although I have a background in Medical Research, with a postgrad degree in Physiology I am not a physician...this is the program that worked for my son, and and I must stress that we were at all times guided by a team of knowledgeable doctors. I urge everyone to work with a qualified physician! PLEASE NOTE! this post was originally written in 2004, and so has been updated with current information
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  4. prestopony


    I'm sorry you're having trouble getting a doc to help, it's so frustrating. This board was so helpful to me. Like many kids, my 15 year old daughter was diagnosed with PANS after many years of suffering. She is on a lot of supplements, so it's hard to know which ones are really successful! We use: Enhansa for inflammation - follow the guidelines for slow introduction, we noticed a big herx as is said might happen. For anxiety, we use CDB oil and Lithium oratate. Her 23 and me showed folate issues, so she takes Methyl Assist. Magnesium Citrate along with Buffered Vitam
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  5. It's very scary the first time around. I feel your struggle. After 5 years tic-free, it was also kind of scary to recognize that my daughter had started experiencing tics. But then we realized that we know what to do. So far it's been manageable. Hopefully it stays that way. Doctors may tell you that these things are only treatable with medications. For us, that was just not true. The neuro even rolled his eyes when I told him I was seeing a nutritionist rather than treating it medically. They have their schools of thought and not all of them are based in reality. You're taking the right
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  6. Caryn

    Is it possible...

    It took us almost two years after we started my son's strict diet before the tics finally went away completely. Hang in there. Don't stop the diet. If he is reacting to corn that strongly then you know you are on to something. You have to remember that antibody levels rise and fall SLOWLY. So it could be that your son has very high anti corn antibodies right now and so his tolerance is non-existent. It could take 6 months to two years to get those antibody levels down to the normal range. We have seen this with our son's gluten antibodies and the stool testing we do annually. After two years h
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  7. sf_mom

    Herxheimer Reaction

    I thought this important enough to post. In our healing process we have definitely experienced 'flairs' or flipping of the pages..... While I attribute some of this to new exposures, I also attribute some to Herxheimer's Reaction. Over the last 7 months we have definitely seen the saw tooth recovery with a movement up in baseline of symptoms with less and less of reaction to exposures. It has been a long a tedious recovery BUT because our son's primary presentation was TICS we are able to see a very physical response that is easier to measure than emotional. The body eliminates toxins b
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