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From: Our experience with Repreeve



The company sent me a 3 day sample. During those 3 days, the difference we noticed in her tics was dramatic and more than enough to move me to place an order. Since it was around Christmas time, there was a delay in the shipment, so her usage was interrupted for a few days, and we did see the tics increasing during those days. On December 31st, we received the order, and by December 3rd we were able to go out with her again after being stuck in the house for over a month due to her loud tics.

To be honest, we have noticed some head jerking coming back (starting Tuesday). DD is allergic to dust/dust mite and she was exposed to it on Monday. There are other viruses going on at school as well. I am not sure but that might be the reason some tics are coming back. It is worth noting that they are less intense than they were before wearing the patches. All in all, we are very happy with the results we have seen with the patches, but still keeping our fingers crossed around here.

Hope this helps!

Source: Our experience with Repreeve


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Hello justkeeptrying! Thank you for your post, first I've heard of this, I just sent in for sample, but same question as person above, do you know what exactly this is or what it delivers into the body of the person wearing it? Their website doesn't have any information about that. Thank you!

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