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Guest frustrated

My son has been taking medication for ADHD since he was 5 -he is now 13. He has been on Ritilin, Adderall, COncerta, you name it. He has a behavior problem at school, always talking and disrupting the class. DO you know if the 504 plan could help my son?

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Yes, your child is entitled to a 504 plan if he has been diagnosed with ADHD. The 504 plan will get your child some special attention that will help him succeed better in class.


The next step is to talk with your child's teacher or the guidance counselor at the school to see about setting up a meeting to talk about what you want.


The thing with 504 plans is that sometimes you have to be your child's advocate and really ask for the help. It can take some time and some cooperation from your child's teacher, so stick with it.


Any child with ADHD or another learning problem is entitled to the 504 plan...including yours. And it can make a big difference in your son's success.


I used to be a teacher and was more than willing to help when I had a student on a 504 plan.


Good luck!


~Mona <_<

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