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This response may answer a couple of these questions. I know that some people want to stay away from dairy and even though goat milk does not contain casein and most kids tolerate it well, not all kids are willing to drink it, even if mixed with fruit in a smoothie. Someone asked if I make my own kefir. Actually I was making kefir for a while there with cultures that I ordered on line from a reputable company in Europe. I believe they were 6 envelopes for about $25.00 and you can reuse the cultures from what you make, so these six envelopes can last for months (if you keep them refrigerated).


When you make your own kefir, the easiest way to make it is with young coconut milk (not the brown hard shelled ones). They are usually in the cool area with fruit (look like large white wax candles). I was doing it for a while, then got lazy and just buy the goat milk kefir. You can google how to make coconut milk kefir and there are many sites that give detailed instructions, including where to order the cultures. It doesn't really take that long to make it, just have to wait a long time for the cultures to grow.


The advantage to using the coconut kefir is that you don't need to use much. You start out adding about 1 or 2 tablespoons to some juice and and maybe go up to 1/4 cup per day. It doesn't have a pleasant taste (in my opinion), so it would be good to mix it with a strong tasting juice, but as I said, you need such a small amt. that its easy to hide it in other juice


I'm sure there are some good probiotic capsules out there, but I've heard that when you get the bacteria in a natural food form it seems to be more effective(because of the balance of various bacteria). For a while there before she started drinking a lot of kefir, I gave her a product that I thought was pretty good because it had a good balance of probiotics, along with some other nutritional benefits & it's made completely from food (dehydrated vegetables, sea vegetables, etc)It's called Essential Greens by Mother Necessity and I had ordered it on line from a supplier called Autism Coach. It's true that if you're on antibiotics you have to take the probiotics at opposite times (evening is supposed to be ideal for the probiotics because they sit in the gut longer (since there is no eating/drinking at night). Pat

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