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Strep "carrier" and PANDAS? Is this possible

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When DD was seen by an Infectious Disease Specialist he specifically told us that he was going to diagnose DD as a "strep carrier" because he wasn't sure if the insur. company would pay for anything if he diagnosed her as PANDAS. After her T&A in 2007 her strep tests were coming back negative and I don't recall her having a positive ever since - which makes it more difficult to get doctors to listen.


PANDAS or not, our new doc (Pediatric Psychiatrist) said that it's pretty undeniable that the antibiotics are effective to quieting the behavioral symptoms that DD presents. I still believe in my heart of hearts that this is PANDAS but majority of DD's docs/specialists sure are dead set against that option - denying PANDAS's very existence. So frustrating sometimes. Our fingers will stay tightly crossed that this Ped. Psychiatrist won't give up on us. She told us she would be contacting Dr. Swedo for guidance. I sure hope she gets in touch with her before our next appt. June 23rd.

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