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Just Vocals?


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I am wondering if anyone's kids or anyone here has experienced an extended period of time of zero physical tics, but still vocal tics?? Is it even possible to have no physical ones but have sound ones? my son hasnt had a phyisical tic for 8+ months, but on and off he will have vocal tics, lately the past week its a deep grunt over and over and over. We dont see any docs for TS so i am just curious if anyone has seen this? I dont know why there would be vocal tics but absolutely not any physical ones? thank you ALL.

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thank you CSP! Wow you see this too. i wonder, how long have you seen your son go without no physical tics? for us its 8 months now, i wonder why theyre gone so long. thanks!




Yes, my son is mostly like that. He always has the vocals, but can go months or even a year without the motor tics.


My husband has never had a motor tic as long as I have been married to him, 18ys.



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