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Three long years but back in school.

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Ds 15 diagnosed at 10.  Three long years homebound and once PANS under control we had post viral CFS.  He is healing and physically  stronger than ever he is even on sports . But  still emotional and focus is way off  ADHD and he is beyond messy. I don’t mean to sound unappreciative. We are so thankful he is healing but he leaves everything everywhere like tornado hit the house. Blows his nose on tissue throws on floor.  Clothes all over home. If he makes cereal for example milk is all over n cereal is on the floor. We remind n remind n yell and reason and yet it’s now year two  of this mess and zero executive skills . As a toddler he at least made efforts and was much neater. Now .....He ignores and if we press him he says “stop yelling.” Or   “It’s never enough with everyone” . Huh?  He even leaves back back in the yard with shoes socks wherever. No concern. No effort.  Embarrassed to say but he pees all over toilet n floor as well.  Missed toilets n never flushed. What the heck!  We go over toilet rules n everything daily and just says “ sorry mom” .  Teeth brushing spits n never ever rinses I takes him to sink n go over n over and he says oh. I forgot. N laughs. Help!!! . Used Dental floss left out everyday almost like he refuses to use garbage. He just doesn’t seem to get the way life functions.  I don’t get it. 

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My son was diagnosed and treated at age 12. He is now 16 and does a lot of the things you are describing. I know a lot of other boys who do the same things at this age though. I tend to think it is teenager boy stuff. And maybe boys in their early twenties also (think frat houses and bachelor pads).

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