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Insurance denied IVIG...help with appeal?

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Hi, my insurance United Healthcare denied IVIG for my daughter recently diagnosed with Pandas. Our dr. had a peer to peer phone call with a United medical director and the denial was upheld citing IVIG as an "unproven therapy." I am appealing this further. I've done some research but want to prepare a solid and thorough rebuttal. Does anyone have advice on how to do this or do you have success stories for when these appeals worked? 

thank you in advance!

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We fought UHC for months before their final external review also stated it was unproven. They play a lot of games, inject errors to obfuscate, and invent new processes and rules as they go. Put bluntly I despise that company for its unethical and immoral conduct.  I tried, on recommendation, a twitter campaign which did nothing.   I have also heard that if it gets coded as Autoimmune encephalitis it gets a warmer reception. 

I wish you better results than we had!

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