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Any possibilities of getting PANDAS from group 'b' strep infections or bacteria ?

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Hello everyone, my name is Arindam i have been suffering from OCD for last 8 years and always tried to find out what exactly causes the disorder and up untill now never really looked into the topic of PANDAS and how it could trigger the onset of OCD . But from what i have read i understand that  PANDAS usually happens if children (ages upto 14) gets infected with group 'a' strep bacteria causing strep throats or scarlet fever which confuses their own autoimmune system to mistakenly treat a part of their brain (basal gangila) as foreign body and attacking it instead of the infection or along with the infection. Does anyone know or has any idea whether a child could develop PANDAS and then OCD from group 'b' strep as well ?

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I thought I sometimes saw Strep A right in the title of PANDAS, but don't see it listed that way at http://www.pandasnetwork.org/understanding-pandaspans/what-is-pandas/ - its just Strep (implying A or B, even though most people talk about A).

I have heard that strep B can be a trigger, but don't see it discussed on this forum (there is a good search engine here, unlike facebook's).  I think the discussion I have heard about B could be on one of the other large forums.

It doesn't matter if it's A or B, because even if it was B or another trigger (including a virus), then it could still be classified as PANS (the larger umbrella syndrome of which PANDAS is a subset).  You could still have the symptoms with PANS, and you could still get the same treatment (and in fact, other additional treatments such as anti-virals) with a PANS diagnosis.  In fact, it seems that kids with PANDAS have morphed into having PANS, because other things later also became triggers for some.  For whatever reason, after the immune system has struggled with the disorder for a while, it seems like lots of things other than strep can set the immune system off (producing antibodies, or somehow else reacting to cause a flare, I don't know).

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