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Microbiome and brain-based disorders

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I am always so torn on this topic. My endless hours of methylation reading has ingrained a wariness of fermented foods because most in my family are CBS+ and fermented foods aren't well tolerated - we can't disarm the toxic sulfurs in them as well as we should - which negatively impacts ammonia levels, glutathione production and nitric oxide/SOD.


If you ever come across anything that talks about CBS gene mutations and GcMAF - let me know!

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This article is referring to Ruggerio's BRAVO probiotic yogurt. My 10 yr old DD has been taking this yogurt for the past 9 months. She is not autistic, but had an original diagnosis of ADHD/ODD that was changed to PANS this past year after completing various blood work. While taking the yogurt, we have seen some great benefits:


  • Weight gain (15 lbs in 9 months) whereas before she had gained one pound in two years. She wasn't even on the growth charts.
  • Increase in appetite
  • No more #2 accidents or constipation
  • Much more verbal in expressing her feelings
  • Less tantrums/rages and happier overall (whereas before I would describe her as moody 85% of the day to the point where a doctor diagnosed her with DMDD)
  • Increase in concentration in school work

We are still struggling with PANS symptoms of anxiety, occasional tics, and urinary problems that we're treating with herbs and vitamins. She also has some degree of impulsivity and lacks social cues (though both areas have gotten better while taking the yogurt). We only have restrictive eating during a herx reaction to new treatment methods. I'm not sure how much longer she will continue to take this yogurt, as it is expensive.


For anyone who is interested, below is a link to Ruggerio's Autism One presentation explaining the science of Bravo.



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