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This is a very bad study. 12 weeks of antibiotics does not constitute long term treatment for someone with Lyme disease for years. I had Lyme disease undiagnosed for 9 years, and was treated by a LLMD for 4 years with excellent improvement. I am off antibiotics now and doing well. 12 weeks of antibiotics is nothing for someone with chronic Lyme. Infectious disease doctors are some of the worst for posting studies nay saying treatment of chronic Lyme. There is hope. I am proof of it.

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Me too..... living proof that long term antibiotics were extremely helpful to my recovery from chronic Lyme. I probably picked up Lyme as a child. Tons of tick exposure growing up in MN and camping with my family.


3 years of treatment, almost 3 years in remission. I am healthy, healthy, healthy and leading a normal life again. I do a lot to keep things in remission but do not need ongoing antibiotics. My symptoms were MS/Fibro like: mild seizures, headaches, joint pain, tremors, fatigue, etc. ALL GONE.


All 3 of our children have also had amazing recoveries and have been on long term antibiotics. Treatment has saved their lives and reversed all spectrum systems for our 8 year old twins and all PANS symptoms for our 12 year old son. It has been a long path to recovery but our kids are thriving!


I am enterally grateful to the Dr.'s that were willing to treat our children with long term antibiotics.

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Here is LymeDisease.org's rebuttal of this study: Chronic Lyme European PLEASE Trial - You Know It's Spin When Treatment "Success" is Called "Failure" https://www.lymedisease.org/lymepolicywonk-lyme-european-please-trial-you-know-its-spin-when-treatment-success-is-called-failure/


"Please" don't believe the IDSA propaganda without doing a lot of research.

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