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I am SLOWLY learning about mutations. I think, if I understand it correctly, my dd may not be able to tolerate Methyl Donors.


Here is her mutation list:













MTR A2756G





That would explain why she can only handle every other day of ENHANSA? How can I find out if her meds are Methyl Donors? I have tried Googling it, without luck. Anyone know off the top of their head?.....


Olive Leaf Extract

Vitamin D

Fish Oil


Psyllium Husk


Transfer Factor

Pharma NAC

Any Antibiotics




Would any of these mutations cause unrelenting nausea? We have been battling belly issues for years...nausea and constipation. We are GF DF SF and now Egg and peanut free (slightly elevated IGE). Neg C DIFF, Neg H Pylori



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Given she's MTHFR +/+, she should be able to tolerate some methyl donors, even with COMT, tho maybe less than other people.


Most likely, it's her CBS +/- and MAO that's behind her struggle with tumeric/Enhansa. Tumeric is high sulfur, hard for people with CBS+ to handle. Tumeric is also an MAO inhibitor, which is already inhibited by her MAO +/+ status. I have one kid who's MAO+ and another who'c CBS+ and neither can tolerate Enhansa. It makes them angry, irritiable, moody and just plain unpleasant. Within a day of stopping it, their moods stabilized.


She should also not take NAC. NAC makes my CBS+ kid very, very moody and it made me (also CBS+) very depressed and also seriously elevated my liver panel. I stopped the NAC and my AST/ALT returned to normal and my depression lifted.


I'd also be watchful of the Nasonex, not b/c of genetics but because long term, I think it may not be good for the nasal tissue. But that's personal experience, not research based.


As for the nausea, her MTHFR A1298C could be be behind this. Yasko's book talks a bit about it http://www.dramyyasko.com/wp-content/files_flutter/1327512160_9_1_1_8_pdf_02_file.pdf For constipation, consider supplementing magnesium (1-2 200mg capsules daily - we do one in a.m. and one in p.m.). FWIW, mold has been a huge source of nausea for DD - took a long time and process of elimination to get to the bottom of things.

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