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Fever that hangs on .... And on


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Hi all


We have been on this roller coaster for 3 years now. Dd8 was diagnosed at 5 - with strep & her 5 yr. immunizations plus combo flu- vac as her initial triggers. 6 months after diagnosis she had a tick bite and yup you guessed it - Lyme & Bartonella soon followed. So for about 2 years we also have been also fighting Lyme & Bart. She has been on a combo of 3 abx for about 2 years with lots of ups & downs. We do biweekly allergy shots to keep allergies from triggering symptoms. For 2 years we had no fevers at all which is pretty common for our kids I guess.


Last year Dd developed an URI and ran a fever. After maybe 3 days her cough/ cold symptoms got better. Her fever held on for days. She was out of school for over a week bc I couldn't send her back with a fever.

This year two days after Christmas she developed a high fever that laid her out for 2 days. Nine days later she is still running a low grade fever. Other than a scratchy voice and exhaustion she has no other illness symptoms. PANDAS symptoms however are obvious - separation anxiety, mood swings, restlessness, difficulty writing .... Just in time to go back to school.


Has anyone else experienced something similiar ?? I did not take her to Ped. Who is Pandas friendly. She is already on 3 abx and I know they will tell me it's viral.


Any words of wisdom appreciated ....



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Kiddo has gotten strep on two different ABX (she had zero physical symptoms of strep BTW). She actual had strep for almost 60 days straight despite ABX.


Yes, kiddo gets random fevers with no physical symptoms of illness. After spending time ferreting out, I usually find some issue--ear infection, strep, UTI etc..... She usually does not improve unless another abx is added.


We are actually going through this right now. Low grade fever and a slew of PANDAS symptoms. A UTI appears to be to blame this time.


Here is the list of physicians in NJ. I am sure some others are pandas friendly, but I do not know of them:


  • *Dr. Rosario Trifiletti
    Leading PANDAS Physician – very busy practice
    Ramsey, NJ
  • *Dr. Harumi Jyonouchi
    Allergist/ Immunologist
    Newark, NJ
  • Dr. Stuart Freedenfeld
    Family Practice
    Stockton, NJ


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