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Mepron and Myco

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Hi all -


DS7 just started Mepron along with his std daily Augmentin and Azith. Doc is concerned about Babesia due to clinical symptoms (cyclical and excessive night sweats and residual hand tremor). DS tested borderline + for Bart and Lyme, igg, 3 yrs ago and 1 yr ago for Lyme only. Both Igenex and again, tests for all were very borderline. No Babesia showed, but that does not mean it isn't there. So far so good with some clinginess and hyperactivity after beginning to titrate Mepron up 5 days ago. Here is a though - since the med was originally meant to manage Pneumonia caused by Pneumocystis Jirovecii Organism, could it also be effective for Myco P? DS ran + for Myco, igg for years and I can pinpoint when it jumped in when he had walking pneumonia in 2010.


Thinking out loud, brainstorming...haven't been on the site for quite a while as I had nothing to say. DS is doing very well but we want to try to keep it that way! I hope you and yours are well!


TIA, Kath

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