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Staph needs clindamycin, but PANDAS symptoms without zithro

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Dd4 has a staph infection. Rapid strep was negative, but I managed to get a functional med doc (who is familiar with PANDAS) to give me three weeks of zithro. Advil was calming her fears, clinginess, all symptoms. Zithro kept it at bay. Then I got a letter from the clinic several days later saying dd had staph.


After several days of trying to get an appropriate abx for staph (penicillin resistant), we were given clindamycin.


So she has now been off of zithro for several days but on clindamycin. Now she is showing big time fear, separation anxiety again. Her little hand feels warm again even though she is not really registering a fever. I know people say that staph doesn't cause PANDAS. I don't know how this is working, but I know the symptoms I am seeing. PANDAS symptoms.


So I have the zithro and the clindamycin. I have to get rid of the staph. I cannot let PANDAS get it's grimy little paws all over her brain. But I cannot imagine giving her both of those abx at the same time. She is only 4, and hasn't been through nearly as much as her pANDAS sister (12).


I have a "pharmacy" full of supplements and herbals, too. Maybe there is something else I can give her?

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My daughter (5 @ the time) pans symtpoms improved dramatically after t&a. Her tonsils cultured positive for methicillin-resistant staph.

Don't doubt that staph can cause symptoms!

Sorry i did not answer your question, at all.

Just wanted to mention about the staph/symptoms correlation.

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