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lithium because of hi taurin

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LLMD suggested lithium for our ds, 4.8mg x2. ds had high taurin on amino acid urine test.

We started today and I think we are seeing mild positive results immediately. He is not getting stuck as much but is kind of floating.

Any experience with lithium?


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My kiddo is low on Taurine and Lithium (lab test confirmed), so I give my kiddo 1 Lithium cap in am and one at noon. She gets Taurine at bedtime. It seems to help with her overall anxiety and lifts her mood a tad (at least it did when we started). It was all rather subtle, no aaaha moment or anything, but still overall good.

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did your kid have sleeping problems on lithium?

my kid could not fall asleep the first two days on it, which is very unusual for him. we had to lower the dose and on the third day he slept normally.

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