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Is this Herx from new antibiotic?


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Our doctor changed our son's (DS 15) antibiotic from Rifampin/Bactrim/Omnicef to Minocycline/Omnicef two days ago. His tics, anxiety and OCD have gotten even worse ever since. Wondering if this is from the change in antibiotics and if so, will it stabilize?


Thank you for any guidance.

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What are HERX?


Our daughter recently developed a tic disorder and OCD behaviors. The neuologist would only acknowledge PANDAS, PANS, CANS, PITAND as "a theory". It has been a week since the initial onset and symptoms appear to be leveling off. There seems to be conflicting reports from parents about treatments being successful and or unsuccessful.


My reading has indicated that there needs to be a treatment for any active infections until eliminated with antibiotics, then followed by prophylaxis antibiotic treatments to prevent reinfection. Prophylaxis antibiotic treatment are for prevention of new infections not treatment of an active infection. After this there seems to be deviation in the literature. I have read there are vitimin supplements prescribed, natural antivirals/antibacterials used, IVIG treatments, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and medication.


So now for my five questions. How long from the initial acute onset of the symptoms of PANDAS, PANS, PITAND, or CANS did you start treatment? Did the treatment include antibiotics? How was your success in eliminating the symptoms? To what extent did your child return to normal? What time frame did this take?

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Typically a die-off response starts within 48 to 72 hours of starting a new antibiotic. We always mark the first day of new antibiotic on the calendar and then note any little flairs, complaints, new symptoms. When reviewing our calendar we are typically able to pick up on a cycle.


If you notice flairs less than a week or weekly cycles it could indicate Bartonella, more than a week to 2 weeks it could indicate Babesia and 28 to 34 days from starting new antibiotic could indicate a Lyme die-off.


For example: DS started Biaxin on September 9th, he was worse almost immediately and then we noticed flairs 22th & 23rd, Oct. 8th & 9th, 27th & 28th, Nov. 10th & 11th.... So, we are experiencing an increase in symptoms every two weeks almost like clock work. He is now improved over his baseline on September 9th. However, it has taken longer than several months with previous antibiotic changes for things to settle down. We are getting both complaints of soles of feet hurting first thing in the morning and rash which is specific to Bartonella, headaches specific to Babesia. Die-off cycle indicates Babesia and since we also added in Alinia at that time the cycle and symptoms make sense.


Due to the list of antibiotics you outlined I am assuming you are dealing with TBI. If so, things should stabilize and would focus on as much detox as possible when you see symptoms. When did you make the antibiotic change?

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One thing to keep in mind is antibiotics have side effects, just like any other medication, so it doesn't necessarily mean herxing. I have friend that can't take them b/c of side effects and my psychiatrist who is perfectly healthy became a zombie who couldn't talk or speak or eat on flagyl.


Recently I was on amox. and flagyl after tonsil removal surgery and the amox. made me wired, revved up and anxious, and the flagyl gave me diarrhea and made me very sleepy and tired. Look up the side effects for flagyl!!! Staggering how many side effects it has.


Just something I thought I'd mention. Just to be aware.


I get side effects from pretty much everything though b/c it is a major symptom of M.E. - supplements, vitamins, herbal teas, chemicals and scents, but especially medication. I can't even take IB profen!

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