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Night Sweats with flares

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Have any of you seen Night Sweats with flares? My son is in a flare triggered by some weird skin infection, *bumps on forehead) and anus. Pediatrician says could be impetigo he is not sure. He prescribed Keflex which seems to be making things worse. HE is raging and crying and has intrusive thoughts we havents seen that in a long time.


Anyway last night I checked on him an he was soaking wet and so were his sheets it was all sweat.


What do you think this means?

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I am sure others will chime in but Babesia is commonly associated with night sweats as you describe. http://www.lymedisease.org/lyme101/coinfections/babesia.html Some of the lyme coinfections can cause rashes, Bartonella, and Ehrlicia. My DD had red bumps from Ehrlicia or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, I wrote it off as Excema at the time. Are lyme/co-infections in the picture for you?

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