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Anyone Have Experience w PANDAS Dr. In Chgo.?

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I have put out an email to Dr. Karen Onel at the University of Chicago. No response yet but when I looked her up she is one of the top 15 pediatric rheumatologists in the country and is on the PANDAS approved dr.'s list. Has anyone had any experience with this Dr.?

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Sorry to say, no, haven't heard of her. Unfortunately, our experience with the major medical institutions in Chicago has not been a positive one (Children's Memorial, Rush, University of Chicago); there's a far-reaching "arm" in the pediatric immunological field here by the name of Dr. Stanford Shulman, a vociferous PANDAS nay-sayer. And he's trained a lot of the younger doctors in the field.


Dr. K. is in the Chicago suburbs.


If you do see Dr. Onel, I'd be really interested in hearing about your experience. I'd like to think the "tide is turning," slowly but surely, even here in the conservative Midwest.


Good luck!

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