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Could GABA supps cause attention/mood problems?

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We just got back some testing that showed our ds has very high glutamate and very low GABA. The doctor put him on 100mg of GABA twice a day starting Tuesday evening and by Saturday he seemed really moody and almost totally unable to focus. This is the opposite of what she said the GABA should do. I stopped giving him the GABA and after missing just 3 doses, he seemed more focused and less moody.


Part of me is questioning whether they are connected, becaue we've also moved recently and it's been very stressful on him, so I saw some moodiness and acting out before the GABA. But the other part is too afraid to put him back on the GABA to see if things get bad again.


Has anyone else seen this happen and/or know why it would?


Are there other/better supplements to rectify the glutamate/GABA imbalance?

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we see an integrative MD who suggested GABA for ds -- not based on blood testing low for it , but on clinical observ. i can't remember brands, but he had one (i think pharma gaba -- very expensive) and seemed to have no real effect. i think i used those. then i tried a different brand -- i think 200. oh boy -- yikes. can't remember it all but have notes -- definitely NOT the effect we were looking for. tried it again another time, same type of thing. doc said yes, there is a small % that can have a paradoxical effect. NOPE -- no more GABA for him.


we see another integrative MD who energy tested it after this and said, no -- bad for him.



i do wonder if it is that something is out of whack for him to cause this reaction and it could be something to try in the future -- but likely, far future. momwithOCDson had a post about - oh, i can't remember something that would relate to this -- along the lines of how this could happen -- but it's too cobweby in my brain to remember.

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