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need lyme doc that gets pandas/pans

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Hi everyone,


dd11 and dd6 saw my lyme doc. i was never thrilled with him, but he believes in chronic lyme, gives long term abx (has spoken at ilads conf.)so i thought it would be ok. but he does not understand pandas/pans and difficult children in general. (when i told him that dd6 was refusing meds, and having bad meltdowns over it, his response was for her to "keep taking the medicine") anyway, i am frightened to just go to another doctor, with this bad hospital stuff going on.

i really do need a new llmd for them, but one that takes insurance. (as you all know thats another issue, currently have hp, but thinking to switch, we had a good run of ivig approvals with them, but i think we are at a dead end, cant even get office visits now)

any suggestions would be much appreciated. thanks! i posted in the pandas forum too.

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