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So it seems the reason that none of the meds and CBT (4x a week) helped was because his numbers have gone UP.

They titers are higher now then when he was first diagnosed on November 18!!


Waiting to get the Clindomycin and refampin (sp?)


Hopefully, this will help. Poor DS has been having a rotten few months. Now we see that all the numbers have been going up the while time and none if the meds have helped.



DS 14.5

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Anything els I should give him besides culturelle with Clindomycin?? Saw that it can lead c.diff.




I would add sach b., or saccharomyces boulardii,(Florastor or less expensive brand, like Jarrow). Sach b. is a "good yeast" that helps crowd out "bad yeast" and it's fairly impervious to abx, so it can be dosed simultaneously, if necessary.


Culturelle is good, but it's only one strain of organism (lactobillus g), and there are kajillions other beneficial micro-organisms that our guts like and need. Especially when taking abx, which tends to kill off many of the gut bacteria strains, I'd just keep a variety coming, if possible.

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