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The Twelve Days of..... Foul Moods

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We are in day twelve of exacerbation with DD15..in which she is irritable, unresponsive and giving me what she refers to as the death stare (eye rolling and glaring tics). It is pretty exhausting trying to keep a sunny face on this and the reason she cannot possibly function at school.


What is the longest exacerbation your child has experienced?


I'm just trying to pace myself (so I don't take to downing a vodka bottle, throwing plates against the wall or burning down the house ;) ).

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My DD is 10 now and we have always home schooled. Our worst was from Sept 12, 2011 to March 15, 2012. and then started again for about 2 months in May 2012 and we just came out again from another 2 months a few weeks ago.


It is exhausting, but we have other issues we deal with as well. I try to keep in mind that kiddo is no less tired of this than I, and she suffers more than I during these episodes. It helps me keep things in perspective a little when I am suffering from sleep deprivation and not having enough space to even walk because she is my shadow at all times.


Deep breaths and know you are not alone :).

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I hope this doesn't make you drink heavily, but the longest flare we had to endure was 10 weeks (a herx triggered by IVIG). There are many things we've ended up adding to our pill regimen because of that lost summer. The supplements fall into three categories: controlling inflammation (motrin or tumeric/curcumin)


controlling yeast (probiotics, garlic or grapfefruit seed extract)


supporting detox (alpha lipoic acid, resveratrol, vitamin C, activated charcoal, bentonite clay, milk thistle (love this one), P-5-P form of B6)


And then there's therapy - ERP and CBT. This forum has moved away from talking about therapy as much as it used to. But I can't emphasize it enough. No matter how many pills I throw at my kids, there's still something to be said for them taking charge of their own thoughts and managing their own responses. The skills they learn from CBT and ERP will help them for years to come.


I would also consider testing her MTHFR status and perhaps doing a few of Shoemaker's inflammation tests (http://www.survivingmold.com/diagnosis/lab-tests[/url and [url=http://www.publichealthalert.org/Articles/scottforsgren/biotoxin%20pathway.html]http://www.publichealthalert.org/Articles/scottforsgren/biotoxin%20pathway.html] For some, this has been an overlooked piece that played a role when abx alone didn't seem to be getting the job done.


I know this totally sucks. Hang in there.

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