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DS non-PANDAS sick again


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My son without PANDAS has had two ear infections, infected adnoids, and tonsillitis sequentially since Sept all fought with abx such as Biaxin, Amoxicillin, Augmentin and yesterday he started again with the nose congestion. So my poor PANDAS DS doesn't get an exposure break. We do probiotics, omega 3s, zinc and vit C, vit D, B vitamins, Juice Plus supplements, whole food/chemical garbage free food, low sugar and I'm probably forgetting something else we do. Allergy tests come up negative but I can't wait for him to also see Dr. B in December. There has to be something wonky with his immune system, and I wonder if the myco-p is truly gone. The infections seem to go from ear to nose to throat and around again. He's a good sport and hardly ever complains, but I want this to stop. We've tried periods of gluten free and dairy free to see if it improved - no luck. What else could we be trying?


We have had one success - treating the myco-p in DH got rid of his Restless Leg issues that weren't responding to restless legs med. It was like his right leg was having a seizure at night - GONE. :)

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