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First, let me just say that were it not for this forum, I would be a nut case with how long it takes to get answers from the doctors!! So thank you in advance!


I just got my DDs most recent blood work results that were ordered by Dr. T. He did a ton of different tests ( I think most of his patients get this list done when they first start working with him). One of the tests was the IgG subclasses. She is very low on IgG 1 and 2 and low for the overall IgG. IgM, IgE, IgA were all normal.


I'm wondering what this means and have any of you dealt with this before? Does it automatically mean she has subclass immune deficiency? From what I've read it didn't sound like these subclasses change with infection, but rather are what they are and may get to normal levels in adulthood. Does it require treatment?


Thanks for any feedback!


PS I should mention that I got the tests directly through Labcorp. So, I have read them I just don't know what it all means because I have not heard from Dr. T and wont until after the PANDAS conference next week.

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How low? 200's or 600's? serum IGG normal range from quest is 820 - 1800, I think My impression is that many immunologists won't formally diagnose hypogammaglobulanemia unless the IGG's are more like 200 than 600. However, serum IGG around 600, no immunity to Hib or 13/14 types of strep pneumonia, plus recurrent infections was enough for us to get insurance coverage for IVIG thru dr b and an immune deficiency diagnosis.(even though our ped. is not too concerned about serum igg of 600 plus low igg1)

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