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Anyone else in Rhode Island?

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It's been a while since I've posted on here. But......it's back!!! God, how I hate PANDAS. Anyhow, my DS9 has been doing well for the last 4 months and then over the last month has been having a definite PANDAS flare up. Pediatrician put him on ABX for 3 weeks and it seemed to clear up, but then his "behaviors" started coming back. To make matters worse my non PANDAS DD6 has strep now and is being treated with ABX. My PANDAS son is going to the pedi today since he was sent home from school with a sore throat and fever. Our pedi is working on getting us a long term plan for how to manage the PANDAS and has put some calls in to the Neuropsych dept at Memorial Hospital in Pawtucket. But we have been waiting weeks to hear back from them.

Is there anyone else out here living in Rhode Island that has a reccommendation as to who we should go see? There has to be someone relatively nearby. I am starting to get really frustrated, annoyed, exhausted etc. HELP!!!

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I'm from there. Now in ca. But, I did see that Dr Louise Kiessling, one of the orignial pandas researchers and advocates is from Brown, and practices in RI (Pawtucket or North Kingston I think). I think she is older - but definately worth a phone call or meeting with. Here is a thread that talks about her a bit:



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