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My son has had OCD behaviors that became so bad that we had to take him out of school last year. Since then he has had ERP therapy and has been put on Zoloft. He made it back in school this year and has been doing very well. Within the past month he became sick and has not made it into school very often. He finally had some tests for PANDAS. The Anti-DNase B Strep came up high, 216. I made an appt with Dr. Latimer, but can't get in until June. He's on Omnicef for 2 weeks. It's been one week and no improvement in the OCD and now he's constipated everyday. I'm afraid he's failing school now. Not sure what to do. If we take care of the strep should his OCD improve? The OCD is keeping him from being in school. The psychiatrist upped his dose of Zoloft. Not sure what to do next.


Thanks for any advise.

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Hi - have you tried ibuprofen as a stop gap?


It appears to work wonders for some kids, including mine. We used it most recently for ticcing in our dd who says she can feel it start to work 1 hour or so in and last about 5-6 hours. It could maybe help take the edge off. It has also done wonders for ds with behavioural problems such as raging and opposition from PANDAS....


good luck....

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