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Since KPU results in a deficiency of zinc and B6, I would hesitate to take a B supplement prior to the test. I don't know about GP's test. We used European Labs (aka Vitamin Diagnostics) http://vitamindiagnostics.com/

Go to the tab that says Labs/Specific Tests/Kryptopyrrol in urine then at the bottom of this tab, in the left, click on "forms".


European Labs says to be off of supplements - especially vitamin and mineral supplements for 5-7 days prior to the test. We stayed on abx and probiotics but stopped everything else. It showed us that the stuff DS takes does make a difference, as he didn't feel nearly as well by the time Day 5 w/o supps arrived. He was very happy to resume supplements after the test.


European Labs instructions say to do a 6 hr urine catch. Dr K recommends you do a 24 hr catch, as your levels of pyroles fluctuates thru the day. So he feels a 24 hr average gives a better picture. You need to have a urine container that measures the total volume collected- I don't believe it comes with the kit. You can get one at CVS or Walmart. Also get a small corrugated cardboard box to put the collection bottle into before you put the whole thing into the Fed ex Bio bag. Our original kit didn't include a box and Fed Ex returned my sample because of that. So we had to re-do the test and get a box the next day. The Lab swore no one has ever had a sample rejected because of this, but DS was not happy about having to do a second day of peeing into a bottle. So better safe than sorry.


If you want the specific instructions we used or a sample of the completed form, PM me your email and I'll send you copies of what we used.

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FWIW, I used GP a few years ago to test DD for KPU and I was very suspect about not having to stop supplements. I already knew her zinc levels were exceedingly low and I saw what a difference zinc made for her. She did not come out positive for KPU. In hindsight I wish I had done ours at European Labs but I was trying to avoid stopping the zinc.

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