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Started Lyme treatment- ?'ing docs approach

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Well now we can add Lyme to our ever-growing list of Dxs for DD7.Our LLMD thinks dd has cogenital Lyme.He put her on 100mg of Azithromycin,along with Nystatin,probiotic,and Vit.D drops.She is already on a GFCF diet,no artificial colors,flavors etc. We are a month into treatment and havent noticed any changes yet.Doesn't 100mg seem kind of low for 47lbs? Anyone else had treatment begin this way? I was expecting that we would start with some combo of abx.DD is allergic to penicillian,and had a serum sickness reaction to Omnicef. We have our 2nd appt. with LLMD next week. Hoping to hear some of your experiences or thoughts,as is often the case-Im questioning my choice of Dr.s Thanks in advance for any responses, Ive come to trust you parents with experience and it seems like youre the only ones who understand how hard this all is. Angela

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Angela, for my dd who was 7 and similar in size when she started her lyme treatment, she began on 250mg of zith a day. But she was also started on 1500mg of amoxicillin, flagyl pulse, nystatin, diflucan and probiotics. Maybe your LLMD wanted to start off slowly to avoid any unnecessary herxing? My dd had already been on 250 mg of zithromax daily for pandas diagnosis for a year before her lyme diagnosis.


You might ask your LLMD about his/her thoughts on the three phase approach where you treat with three antibiotics that all target different phases of the bacteria all at once.



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Yes, I agree this approach seems very conservative. Maybe the doctor is planning to start slowly and work up? My DS4 is 48 pounds (he's not overweight, just really tall for his age). He started on amoxicillin (1500mg) and nystatin, as well as many supplements including probiotics and vitamin D. After a couple of weeks we added azithromycin (250mg). We started by giving it every other day, and working up to every day. Next week we are adding bactrim to target bartonella. So 100 mg of zith sounds really low. It might have to do with her previous reactions to antibiotics? I would definitely want to know the doctor's reasoning. And I would ask the doctor what the long-term treatment plan will look like.

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