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IVIG and Lyme

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In a hurry this morning.


Here is a brief update. Our older DS is 99.0% recovered. We did not do any further IVIG with him since Jan. 2010. He still has immune deficiencies in all categories including IgG As of 30. One of his Dr.'s wants to do LD mostly but his LLMD is neutral on the idea. We are considering treating elevated nagalase to see if we can get subclasses to normalize or doing 6 months of LD treatments.

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Hello, my dd who had 2 low dose IVIG before our Lyme diagnosis is still undergoing treatment for lyme. We recently did a vaccine challenge due to her low IgG and low normal IgA to see if she would qualify for IVIG through a CVID diagnosis but she reacted well to the vaccine and I believe she won't qualify at this time.


She is stable and doing well on lyme meds (antiboitics, yeast meds and parasite treatment) but still, after all these years can't seem to come off abx without regression. I had hoped some IVIG might help but so far it looks like it won't be covered.


She has lyme, bartonella and now tests positive for rocky mountain spotted fever.

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I wanted to add yesterday:


In my original post in 2011, I was hopeful that all our children's immune deficiencies would recover. They did for a period of about a year when we first started Lyme treatment. However, after that all subclasses inclusive of IgAs & IgMs have worsened since. I turns out we were living in a moldy home and the toxin load was probably having a huge impact on them.


Our DD does do LD monthly IVIG and the first four months of treatment were very helpful. However, she did regress as her immune system activated from the IVIG. Once she regressed we switched antibiotics and her recovery took off again. We look at the IVIG as an adjunct therapy to her Lyme treatment and not something alone will bring remission of symptoms. For her, the combination antibiotics and supplementation was just as critical to her successes with treatment.

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