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Can anyone suggest what brand of Taurine and Quercetin to get for my 7 year old, 52 lb. PANDAS daughter. She does not yet swallow pills, but I can open capsules and mix with food if necessary.


Scott Smith recommended 500 mg of Taurine 2 x daily and 250 mg of Quercetin before meals each day. The issue with Quercetin is that a lot of the supplements are combined with Bromelain, which is from pineapple, and dd has an issue eating pineapple. (We've avoided it for 2 years as it causes her "private" area to become very irritated after urinating.)


So, I'm not sure if it's ok to just get straight Taurine & straight Quercetin or if they need to be combined with other supplements for proper absorption.


Dd also takes 15 ml of Kids Calm Multi Vitamin every morning.


Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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Taurine has been an excellent supplement for us- and many others were NOT, like 5-HTP, Gaba, Inositol, choline, and the like.

I am not one to do massive supplements, but Taurine I do give every morning.

I use Kirkman brand, my dd6 does swallow caps, but since I don't like giving her too many pills throughout the day, it is a 1,000 mg. I-herb is an online site for supplements, with great pricing and service.

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